Sunday, November 04, 2007

I Suck

I think I may have been overly ambitious, expecting to find time to post a blog entry every day when I haven't found time to post a single word in over three months. Never let it be said that I set realistic goals for myself.

It's November 4th and I've already missed two days of blog posts. To be fair, it wasn't as though I procrastinated and time just got away from me. I completely forgot about it until Eric asked me this morning "Hey, did you post something yesterday?" and I realized that (a) I hadn't posted anything yesterday OR the day before and (b) I need to find money in my monthly budget for a personal assistant to handle such tasks (among other things).

Eric is spending the afternoon at our nephew's football game (go Redskins!) and I'll be spending that time preparing for my trip to Munich. I bought a beautiful Calvin Klein suit yesterday, along with two shirts and a pair of black wedges. Tasks on today's to-do list include picking up dry cleaning, getting my hair done (so that it will be a single color in Germany vs. the brown-with-gray-streaks that I've been rocking for weeks), and deciding on what clothes to pack. Damn you, Proper Business Attire.

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of Eric and I at Knik Glacier in Alaska. This is my new favorite picture and, as promised, is in-focus.


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