Monday, October 23, 2006


Since Mrs. Kennedy has proclaimed November National Blog Posting Month, I've decided to accept her challenge and post something to this blog every day in November. It's an ambitious goal, particularly since I tend to get really excited about challenges such as these, only to lose interest one or two days later and ultimately give up without ever really trying. Not this time, dammit. In order for me to have a snowball's chance in hell of actually making it through thirty (30!) posts, I'll have to put together a list of possible topics ahead of time. Any suggestions?


Anonymous Jonathan said...

I have been thinking about this too - compiling things to blog about.

I typically find myself wandering through each day making mental notes - "ooh - I should blog about this/that/the other", and then of course forget all about it.

Perhaps we should carry small notebooks and scribble reminders down as we go - of the things that annoyed or amused us during the day...

On second thoughts, the above idea would probably generate the most hate filled month of entries ever conceived....

10:17 AM  

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