Sunday, November 05, 2006

Do UTIs ever NOT suck?

An unexpected veterinary emergency put a stop to my quest for the perfect photo. I knew we were in for trouble last night as we watched Kat scoot her rear-end across the livingroom carpet. While I've had cats long enough to recognize the signs of a raging Urinary Tract Infection, I was secretly hoping that her only ailment was an itchy ass and we could avoid a costly vet visit. My hopes were dashed when Eric saw blood in Kat's urine this morning so we packed her up in the carrier and Eric took her to see the vet. My suspicions were confirmed (and it wasn't just an itchy ass) so she is currently locked in the bathroom eating a bowl of soft food laced with antibiotics. Yummy.

Since I didn't get to take any pictures today, I spent my time making a necklace with some new round-nose plyers I picked up last night. It wasn't exactly the day that I had planned for, but the necklace is kick-ass. Plus, my mood is better so the day wasn't completely wasted.


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