Monday, November 27, 2006

Thank God For Jerky

5:00am: Wake up to the sounds of our cat (named Kat) trying to pull the folds of our comforter over a spot in the center of the bed.
5:10am: Finally get tired of listening to the cat shred our comforter and "gently" place her on the couch in the livingroom.
5:30am: Unable to go back to sleep and lay in bed thinking about the projects waiting for me at the office. Suffer mild anxiety attack.
5:45am: Decide to try and enjoy my last fifteen minutes of rest before alarm clock begins screaming. Pull blankets over myself and discover that our cat wasn't trying to shred the comforter, but was trying to cover up the fact that she pee'd on the bed while we were sleeping in it. Decide not to wake up Big Angry Husband for fear that he will kill the cat. Decide to pretend like I discovered the mess after he is awake which buys me enough time to shower and get ready for work.
6:00am: Take a long, hot shower because I'm afraid that I smell like cat pee.
6:30am: Big Angry Husband gets up to take his Good Morning Piss while I'm making my lunch. Decide that this is the time to come clean about the cat. Big Angry Husband remembers spending two hours in the laundromat washing said bedding the night before and is not pleased. Offer to spend two hours in the laundromat tonight rewashing bedding so that Big Angry Husband doesn't blow his top. Cat's death avoided.
6:45am: Step in a huge pile of dog shit while waiting for the bus to arrive. Migraine begins.
7:45am: Arrive at work ready to call it a day. Run into my friend, Izzy, who always makes me smile. Notice that he has a huge bag of homemade jerky on his desk and remember that today is Jerky Tuesday. Things are finally looking up. [More on Jerky Tuesday to follow]
5:00pm: Big Angry Husband gets home from work before me and decides to rewash the bedding himself, sparing me the horror of spending two hours at the laundromat.
7:30pm: Dinner is cooked and ready for Big Angry Husband upon his return. Rest of the night is spent watching favorite TV shows. Not bad.


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