Friday, December 01, 2006

It's all in the wording, Ladies and Gentlemen

Eric: What time will you be home tonight?
Me: I'm not sure. The party ends at 9pm. Do you want to drive into the city and pick me up from the restaurant?
Eric: (Sounding elated) Of course I want to do that! I was just saying that, after working all day, the one thing I wanted to do is sit in rush-hour traffic while traveling to Manhattan, sit in holiday traffic once I get to Times Square, and inch my way down 42nd Street until I arrive at the restaurant, only to make an illegal u-turn and spend another hour heading back to New Jersey. Wow, that sounds like loads of fun. That, and masterbating with a cheese grater. Yep, equally fun.
Me: So what time should I expect you?


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