Saturday, December 30, 2006

Thanks For Nothing, Dell and HP

So our new card reader is no longer working. This means that I can't upload any of my photos until we either (a) bring the card reader/computer to a repairman to be fixed or (b) completely scrap the card reader and buy a new one. Plus, if that isn't enough of a bummer, we are once again experiencing the problems with our monitor that began the Great Motherboard Replacement of November 2006.

I am frustrated and angry that we continue to have these problems after Eric spent almost $600 to fix them just last month. I feel completely defeated and am ready to bite the bullet, scrap our current set-up, and buy a shiny new Apple iBook. Can I afford a shiny new Apple iBook? No, not really. But having a computer that isn't capable of performing the way I need it to perform is like having a $2,000 paperweight sitting on your desk. It may look nice, but everyone knows that it is totally fucking useless. I was really looking forward to not having a major household expense this spring, but I'm willing to spend the money if it means that we'll finally have a reliable computer and, ultimately, peace of mind.

**Big Sigh**
Update: While laying on my bed watching TV (the Law & Order: Criminal Intent marathon, if you must know), I noticed that the green light on my card reader was actually lit for the first time in several weeks. I pulled my memory card out of the reader and immediately placed it back in the card slot. And what do you know? Not only is my computer now recognizing the card reader, but it actually prompted me to transfer the images from the memory card to the computer which is what I did.

Who says that Christmas miracles aren't real?


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