Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's Not Just A Name, It's A Tribute

Meet Seven. Seven is a 6-month old kitten and the newest member of our family. She's also our 7th cat (get it?). I can't really say that we adopted her since she was the one who showed up on our doorstep early one morning last week and refused to leave. She cried under our bedroom window at 5:45am until Eric went outside to feed her and was sitting in exactly the same spot when I returned home from work later that evening. Given that the forecast called for temperatures to hover around 11°F the following day, we couldn't just shrug our shoulders and hope that she'd go away.

So far, she's adjusting well. She's really friendly and doesn't have the social hang-ups that street cats normally have. The vet confirmed that she is disease-free and we had her spayed the same day. The cone she's wearing is not only a fashion accessory, but a means by which to keep her from tearing out her stitches. Plus, the other cats haven't killed her yet so I'm cautiously optimistic about her future in the Pacheco house.

The next time I complain about having too many cats, feel free to pick up the nearest blunt object and beat me with it. God, I have to have my fucking head examined.


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Nice cat.

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